• It is easy to update your tilesconcept account and view your orders any time through 'Account Dash Board'.
  • 'Account Dash Board' allows you complete control over your transactions on tilesconcept
  • Manage/edit your personal data like address, phone numbers, Name
  • Change your password
  • Check your order history.

Once your order has been logged and payment authorization has been received, You will receive an email containing the details of your order. In this mail you will be provided with a unique download link, a listing of the design you have ordered.

Reviewing and editing your account information is simple. First, log into your tilesconcept account with your email/username and password. You'll see several categories in the menu on the Right side top of the page:

  • My Profile: change account details, such as Name and contact info
  • Change Password: Change your old password with new
  • Purchase history: a record of your purchases (includes receipts/invoices)

While we don't provide invoices for online purchases, receipts are readily available in your Purchase History. Once you're logged into your account, click the "My Account" then "Account Details." You'll see "Purchase History" on the right side of your screen. This section documents all your purchases and includes a link to view each receipt.

No, we can't allows refunds in any situations.

With your tilesconcept account, you can't re-download any previously downloaded design indefinitely, Basically, once you download a design, you can't re-download it.

  • Search for Designs by keyword or Design ID with the search field on the home page and click the thumbnail to view the design preview
  • Add design in your cart.
  • View your cart.
  • Click on "Proceed to checkout".
  • Click on "Pay now Button".
  • Enter your Billing information & payment details
  • Click “Make Payment".

Tilesconcept offers a diverse array of search tools for finding the perfect Design. It’s a good thing too, considering we add almost a Hundreds new designs each week!

Search by Keyword

Have some ideas about what you need? Searching by keyword is a great place to start. You can enter anything that comes to mind and begin browsing Designs that contain matching terms. Too many results? Try entering additional keywords to narrow down your search.

Need a specific Design?

If you know the Design ID number/Name, you can enter it into the search bar to navigate right to that Design.

Check your Download History

If you’ve previously downloaded an Design, it will be visible in your Purchase History.

Having trouble downloading or can't access the Tilesconcept site? We're here to help!

Problems with the website are often caused by temporary files stored on your internet browser. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies using these instructions:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer Vista
  • Chrome
  • Safari, older versions of other browsers, and alternative operating systems

The Tilesconcept site uses cookies, so ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies. These are harmless tools used to store your preferences and other data.

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Trying to download from a different computer will help identify is the problem is with the computer you were initially using.

Since these issues can vary greatly, we can't troubleshoot much. Here are some general issues around blocked access:

  • A firewall may be blocking access. Check the settings of your firewall(s) to make sure that access to Tilesconcept.com and all its sub-domains are permitted in your firewall(s).
  • A proxy setting may be blocking access. Check your proxy settings (if applicable) to make sure that access to tilesconcept.com and all its sub-domains are permitted in your proxy settings.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be blocking access. Occasionally design-heavy sites such as
  • tilesconcept will be accidentally blocked by an ISP. We recommend contacting your ISP to verify that www.tilesconcept.com and all its sub-domains are permitted access by your ISP.

If you are uncertain about how to allow access to specific domains, please consult your system administrator or IT help desk.

If you have tried these options and need further assistance, please contact us with the following information:

  • Your email/username
  • Error message, if applicable
  • URL where the error occurs
  • Screenshots, if possible
  • Steps you have taken before/while the error occurred
  • Your operating system (Mac, Windows, or Linux)
  • Browsers you have tried

If you are uncertain about how to allow access to specific domains, please consult your system administrator or IT help desk.